Kadaza: Visual Exploration of the web

Kadaza is the ultimate Start Page only showing the absolute best and most popular websites in many different categories. With Kadaza you have all your favorite sites just a few clicks away. Kadaza also introduces new and exciting sites.

Personalized homepage

You can personalize Kadaza to suit your own preferences. For example, if you prefer The Washington Post to The New York Times, you can replace the The New York Times logo with the Washington Post logo. This is very simply to do and you can also slide the logos around if you want to move them somewhere else.


Backgrounds & Themes

Customize your start page with colors, patterns and images and instantly change the way Kadaza looks.

Web’s top search engines in a box

Kadaza makes your search on the internet easy and fast. The most popular search engines arranged together in one - easy to use - search box. A refreshingly fast way to search online!

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