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The most popular websites in the US, clearly organized by topic


Kadaza, founded in 2008, is a clear web portal, showing the absolute best and most popular websites, covering hundreds of topics like news, career and social media. All websites on Kadaza are selected with great care and organized in the best way, making it easy, intuitive and helpful for everyone. The various topic pages are constantly updated and maintained by our dedicated editors. Above all, Kadaza is simple, clear and easy to use.



Personalized Start Page


You can add your favorite and most frequently visited websites on the customizable homepage, without the need for registration. You can also move the blocks around with the drag'n'drop functionality. Get started by clicking on the customize icon Customize on the homepage.



Backgrounds & Themes


Customize your start page with colors, patterns and images and instantly change the way your personal homepage looks. You can filter the backgrounds by themes, such as nature, cities, animals and more. Beautiful new backgrounds are added continuously.



Web’s top search engines in a box


Kadaza makes your search on the internet easy and fast. The most popular search engines arranged together in one - easy to use - search box. A refreshingly fast way to search online!



Kadaza Powersearch


Powersearch displays relevant search results while typing a search query in our search bar. For example, start typing ‘weather’ and Kadaza will instantly provide results from top-quality weather resources. Read more.



Discover the most visited websites in the world


The Kadaza editors have clearly mapped out the most popular websites in many countries. Thanks to the participation of Kadaza fans around the world, we are able to provide an up-to-date overview of the most used websites in almost 60 countries. It makes Kadaza a global website encyclopedia, maintained with the help of people from all over the world.



Fast & simple web browsing on your mobile and tablet


Kadaza is optimized for viewing on tablets and mobiles. Just head to kadaza.com to get Kadaza on the go, whatever device you’re using. A refreshingly fast way to browse the web on your tablet or mobile. Read more.



Kadaza Tips (New)

Kadaza Tips is a great new way to discover the best on the Internet through comprehensive tips and articles from our expert team. Our editors are dedicated to reviewing the best websites and services on various topics.  Read more.



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