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Make Kadaza Your Homepage in Chrome

In Google Chrome you can set the homepage and the startup page seperately. The homepage is the one when you click the home icon in the address bar. The startup page is the one that appears first when you open Chrome. Kadaza is designed to be used as your homepage and startup page, so that you can find all your favourite websites quickly and easily. See below detailed instructions for changing both the homepage and startup page in Google Chrome.

Set your Homepage in Chrome on Desktop

1. Click on the Chrome menu icon Chrome Menu Icon in the upper right corner and select Settings.


Homepage Kadaza Settings Chrome


2. Under "Appearance", Check Show home button. Enter www.kadaza.com in the Enter custom web address field.


Illustration 1 - How to set homepage in Chrome


3. Under "On startup", check Open a specific page or set of pages. Type www.kadaza.com in the box. Click Save.


Illustration 2 - How to set homepage in Chrome



Set your Homepage in Chrome on Android

You can also select in Google Chrome on Android to open Kadaza when you click the home icon the browser bar.

1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Chrome app.

2. At the top right, tap More Chrome Menu Icon and then Settings.

3. Under "Advanced," tap Homepage.

4. Type www.kadaza.com in the box. Tap Save.



Set your Homepage in Chrome on iPhone & iPad

Unfortunately, you can only set your homepage when you use Chrome on a computer or Android device.



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