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September 5, 2021


Tips for buying a laptop online

When looking for a new laptop, you quickly fall into a maze of types and options. The key is to first decide what you need and what you will use the laptop for. Then you can compare different laptops based on price, quality, options etc. Below we give some useful tips for your search for the most suitable laptop. You can also visit our comprehensive overview of the best online laptop stores.

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Operating Systems


Chromebook  Apple  Apple

The first choice you need to make is which operating system you want to use. You can choose between Windows, Chrome or macOS. The choice between Mac and Windows is often a personal choice and mainly depends on what you are used to. You can also choose a Chromebook with ChromeOS as the operating system. The advantage of ChromeOS is that you can install Android apps. You can read more about ChromeOS on PCmag and Cnet.


Explore and read reviews from experts



As the name of the website suggests; specializes in laptop reviews and tests. We especially like the "Best Picks" section where you can find the best laptops based on situation and use. For example, "the best laptops for virtual reality" or "the best laptops for gaming".

Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports tests different laptops based on quality and performance. Even if you already have your eye on a laptop, it may be a good idea to check what grade the laptop has received from ConsumerReports.


Wirecutter is a product review website from The New York Times. Their reviews and guides seem to be very reliable. Their approach seems objective, transparent, and comprehensive.


Before making a purchase, we recommend you check out Cnet's Best Laptops List. They have selected the best laptops on all kinds of criteria.


The experts at PCmag review very large number of laptops and notebooks. With criteria such as "Best General-Purpose Mac" or "Best Budget 2-in-1" you can easily find a good laptop for your specific situation.


The best laptop stores



Walmart's Laptop Finder can help you find the right laptop. In addition, Walmart has a wide range of affordable laptops.


If you already know what kind of laptop you want, you can look on Amazon for probably the largest selection of laptops on the Internet. You can also explore it for reviews from other buyers.


Often you will be working with a laptop daily for many years. Therefore, it is not redundant to visit a real store to see what you are buying. Check for a BestBuy location near you. With BestBuy, you also have the advantage of in-store pickup.

Newegg   TigerDirect

Newegg and TigerDirect are clearly the finer stores that specialize in computer electronics.


The best laptop brands

Look here for a handy overview of all well-known laptop brands. If you have found a suitable laptop you can always order directly from the manufacturer.


You can also visit our comprehensive overview of laptop stores.


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