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Last updated: May 26, 2023

Your Furry Friend's Favorites: Online Stores for Pet Supplies

With a plethora of online stores selling pet supplies, it's hard to pick the best. Below, we explore the top online stores for pet supplies, ensuring your furry friends are pampered just the way they should be. After all, our pets deserve nothing but the best!


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If you're looking for variety, Chewy is your best bet. It boasts an incredible range of products that cater to virtually all types of pets. The sheer volume of items available, coupled with competitive pricing, makes it a favorite among pet parents. They also offer auto-ship services, so you'll never run out of your pet's favorites. But here's the rub: with such a large inventory, navigating the site to find what you need can sometimes be daunting. And while their customer service is generally superb, during peak times, you might experience longer wait times.



As an established brand in the pet care industry, Petco's online platform stands out for its ease of use and detailed product information. The option to pick up your order in-store can be a lifesaver when you need supplies in a hurry. The downside? Petco's prices can sometimes be a touch higher than other online competitors. Additionally, while their product range is extensive, it doesn't quite match the breadth offered by Chewy.


amazon pets The sheer convenience of shopping on Amazon is hard to beat. Amazon Prime members can enjoy remarkable benefits when shopping for their pets. Fast, free shipping is a given, but the real delight lies in the exclusive deals and offers available to Prime members. With products spanning across all types of pets and needs, the variety on offer is impressive.




Third on our list is PetSmart. Their online store pairs a broad selection of products with a clean, user-friendly interface. Similar to Petco, they offer a convenient in-store pickup option. PetSmart's major selling point is their partnership with many veterinary clinics and pet service providers. This can be a boon if you're in need of more than just supplies. However, just like Petco, their prices can occasionally be on the higher side.


ebayeBay can be a treasure trove for pet supplies, often offering hard-to-find items or products at discounted prices. You might be able to snag a great deal on a high-end product that's out of your price range elsewhere.




The pet supplies section of Walmart doesn't disappoint. It offers wide range of products for all kinds of pets, and their prices are typically competitive. Their site is easy to navigate, and they also offer a convenient pick-up option at their many locations across the U.S. On the flip side, Walmart may not offer the specialized pet expertise that some of the other stores on this list do. While they have a broad product range, they might not carry as many specialty or premium brands as some other online pet retailers.



Last but not least, we have Only Natural Pet. This is the go-to online store for pet parents seeking natural, eco-friendly products. They specialize in organic food, supplements, and toys that promote the overall well-being of your pet. Plus, their commitment to sustainability is admirable. But, this niche focus also means that their product range isn't as vast as the others on this list. Moreover, their prices can be higher due to the premium nature of their products.


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