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February 5, 2024

Where to Buy (or Rent) Secondhand Clothing Online

Buying secondhand clothing doesn't only extend the life cycle of garments, but it also offers the opportunity to find unique pieces at a fraction of the cost. Whether you're looking for vintage gems, luxury labels, or everyday wear, the internet is brimming with options. Here are our online favorites for buying or renting second-hand clothing.


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ThredUP is one of the largest online consignment and thrift stores, offering a wide range of women's and children's clothing. With an extensive selection that covers everything from high-street to designer brands, ThredUP makes second-hand shopping as seamless as buying new.



Poshmark operates as a social commerce platform, allowing users to buy and sell clothing from each other. It hosts a diverse community of fashion lovers, making it possible to find everything from vintage to nearly new items across various brands and sizes.


The RealReal

The RealReal specializes in authenticated luxury consignment. It's the go-to for fashion enthusiasts looking to buy or sell high-end clothing, accessories, and even home decor. The website prides itself on its strict authentication process, ensuring that every item is the real deal.

Depop caters to a younger audience and is particularly popular for its vintage and streetwear collections. Depop’s mobile app makes buying and selling a breeze, offering a social shopping experience that’s akin to scrolling through Instagram.



Amazon logo

Amazon's Shop Pre-loved Fashion section is a hidden gem for those looking to dive into the world of second-hand clothing. This specialized area within Amazon focuses exclusively on pre-owned, vintage, and refurbished fashion items, making it easier for eco-conscious shoppers to find sustainable clothing options. From everyday wear to designer labels, this section curates a diverse collection of pre-loved fashion





Vestiaire Collective focuses on pre-owned luxury and designer fashion. With a community of over 9 million users worldwide, the site offers a vast selection of premium items. Each piece is carefully checked by a team of experts before it’s listed, ensuring authenticity and quality.



Rent the Runway revolutionized the fashion industry by offering a rental service for designer dresses and accessories. Perfect for special occasions or updating your everyday wardrobe, it’s a sustainable way to enjoy luxury fashion without the commitment of purchase.



Vinted allows users to buy, sell, or swap second-hand clothing and accessories. The platform is community-focused, offering a space for users to negotiate prices and share style tips. With no selling fees, it’s an appealing option for budget-conscious shoppers and sellers.



eBay's global reach and comprehensive selection cater to a wide audience, from collectors of rare vintage pieces to budget-conscious shoppers looking for everyday wear. Whether you're hunting for rare vintage finds or simply looking for gently used clothes, eBay is the place to go.




Rebag is specifically tailored for buying and selling luxury handbags. While it’s more niche than other platforms on this list, its focus on high-quality, authentic items makes it a treasure trove for handbag enthusiasts looking to find a deal or invest in a classic piece.