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March 9, 2022

Buying Designer Shoes Online

Shopping for luxury shoes is a pleasant pastime. Though the in-person experience is pleasant, doing it online is much more convenient. You can browse from the comfort of your velvet couch and save the time it would take to get you to all the different stores to see what you like. Plus, once you discover the pair of designer shoes of your dream, you have many places to look for the size and color you want.

Another advantage of buying your designer shoes on the internet is comparing many different designs. In addition, you can sleep on the decision and come back whenever you feel ready to commit the money to a pair that will likely cost you a pretty penny. But for those who seriously love shoes or love fashion, you simply must base your best outfits on top of a fabulous pair of footwear.



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Designer Shoe



Discover The Latest Shoe Trends & Styling Tips

Top-notch resources online can get you in step with the latest trends. We have gathered some sources that will get your eye primed to shop for runway styles that will make heads turn when you walk by. Check out these industry and consumer resources to find out what designer shoes are the talk of the town.




For those in the know, Women’s Wear Daily has been the industry resource for decades. But for shoe shoppers who want to know the latest about the happenings with various designer footwear brands, look no further. With articles written for the trade, this is the place for an educated fashion consumer to get the low down.



The fashion coverage at Vogue includes articles on runway shows, street style, celebrities, and even political coverage related to the fashion industry. So when you want to see beautiful images of well-dressed and well-shod people from the streets of London, Milan, New York, and elsewhere, Vogue is the place to look. You can’t beat this site for inspiration on trends and high fashion.



Harpers Bazaar

For coverage and photography, Harper’s Bazaar will show you the trends in the UK. With excellent street style coverage, articles on many topics, and buying guides, you can get a British take on fabulous shoes here.




Dedicated footwear coverage is what you can get on the Elle website. Elle is a resource you can trust for loads of information on the latest in fashion shoes. In addition, you will find extensive buying guides and trend articles that will break it all down for you.



AmazonNot only can you find staple designer brands for shoes on Amazon, but you often find sales. Steve Madden, Clark’s, Reebok, Sketchers, Coach, and many more are there. In addition, you can look up your favorite designer brands like Ugg or Sam Edelman, and you will find some great deals. Alternately, if no one is selling your favorite high fashion shoes on Amazon, you may well be able to find a cheap pair of shoes in the same style. Voila! Fashion on a budget!




The Best Online Stores For Exclusive Shoes and Designer Shoes

High fashion shoes can be so much fun to shop for. Yes, they are more expensive, but there is nothing like a really great designer pair to spruce up a special outfit for those who love shoes. Many fashion designers have shoes along with their clothing and fragrance collections, so check out your favorite designer brands here to see if they have the right shoes for you. For other exclusive picks, here are some of our favorites:



Of the department stores, Nordstrom is well known for its shoes, and when you buy at Nordstrom Rack, you get 20% or more off the list price on nice fashion shoes. The advantage of buying online versus going into the store is that more sizes are available in each shoe online, whereas a store will have a much more limited range. So, head over here for everything from boots to dress shoes and sandals for the whole family.

The fast-fashion brand ASOS carries some solid shoes and “trainers,” as sneakers are called in the UK. But they also carry their own designs in shoes for very low prices. So try ASOS for your street fashion shoes. We love their own chunky-soled fashion picks.


Bergdorf goodman

You can find your Louboutin’s and Manolo Blahnik’s at Bergdorf Goodman’s and many other lofty runway names to boot. And yes, boots, sandals, heels, slippers, mules, pumps, and sneakers are all on the list, with the best designer names attached. But you can also source some solid pairs of more budget-friendly brands like Sorel and Adidas in the mix. Always a fun place to shop for fashion and a solid choice to find designer footwear.

The Italian and international flair on view at Net-A-Porter makes it a terrific shopping site for designer shoes. You will find your favorite designers and perhaps discover a new fashion or two with the excellent curation of this selection of footwear. We love that you can shop for luxury while getting the feeling of reading a fashion magazine.




Go to the main store for the premium collection of shoes at Nordstrom, where you will find the best in fashion shoes from this respected style-forward department store. will find a few things on sale, but expect to pay the list price for the latest looks. Nordstrom is a great place to look for brands you know and love or browse new makers that you may not have tried yet.


Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks is known for designer brands, and you will find the top names all in one place here. Expect shoes from runway names you read about in the fashion section: heels, mules, sneakers, and more, all with the most exclusive names on them. Of course, you will spend more than a couple of Benjamins on almost every pair, but boy are they spectacular shoes.



Billed as a global platform for fashion, Farfetch provides access to the finest in designer shoes to many countries worldwide. You will find luxury shoes from designers near and far, getting you in the mood for some jet-setting looks to keep up with the coolest people on the planet. We love their selection of everything from the most delicate pumps to chunky moon boots and wedges.




Bloomingdales gives you the best of both worlds: affordable high fashion brands and exclusive luxury shoes as well. While you search for shoes on their site, you can see picks that will be within reach for most of us, as well as the height of fashion in case you have the urge to splurge.



For a UK vibe, head over to Harrods, where you will find many delicate designer pumps along with some of the best in chunky rock-n-roll styles. There is something quite particular about the British sense of style, so when you browse this site, though you will recognize the brand names in most cases, you will also get a feel for what looks good on the streets of London.



Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus is yet another name in high-end department store shoe selections, with a great selection of styles that flow with the American way of fashion. Manolo Blahnik pumps are right at home next to Ugg slippers. For every American who likes to change up their style, you can find a range of prices and looks here.