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Alternative streaming services: from special documentaries to arthouse and indie films Movie image

April 9, 2024

Most people are already familiar with major streaming services such as Prime Video and Disney+. They have sprung up like mushrooms in recent years. But for fans of special documentaries, film festivals and arthouse films, we've compiled an overview of several interesting, lesser-known alternative streaming services that specialize in arthouse and high-quality films.

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The Best Photo Printing ServicesWorld animal day

March 16, 2024

Whether you're a photographer looking to display your work or someone wanting to keep family memories alive, we've selected the best online photo printing services out there.

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Top Online Resources for Photographers Camera

March 15, 2024

For anyone fascinated by the power of the lens, we have selected the very best websites for photographers to find inspiration, learn photography techniques, distributing their photos and more.

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Home-Exchange & Home-Sharing Platforms Home stays

December 28, 2023

Home-Exchange, Home-Sharing and Homestaying is about experiencing a destination, living like a local, and making connections that go beyond the tourist trail. We've scoured the internet and compiled a list of the absolute best sites to find home exchanges, homestays, and shared living spaces.

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The Ultimate Guide to Arts News and Art DiscoveryArt news

October 11, 2021

Whether you’re interested in learning about what’s new in the art scene through art news, you’d like to learn more about art history, or you’re hoping to discover new talented artists, this guide will have you feeling like a regular art connoisseur in no time!

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Where to buy art onlineArt

October 6, 2021

Whether you’re new to buying art, looking to purchase art as an investment or you’re just hoping to add some creative flair to your home, this guide will walk you through some of the best websites to purchase art online.

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Find arts & crafts suppliesArts & Crafts

August 7, 2021

Arts and Crafts are becoming increasingly popular. Not surprisingly, more and more people are also using platforms like Etsy to buy handmade items. After all, it is not only fun to create things yourself, but it can also be more enjoyable to buy something that has been made with love.

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