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March 15, 2024

Top Online Resources for Photographers

For those captivated by the power of the lens, the internet offers communities and platforms dedicated to the craft of capturing the world through photography. Whether you're a seasoned professional, an avid hobbyist, or a curious beginner, we've selected the best websites that are essential online destinations for photographers.


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DPReview stands out as the go-to website for in-depth reviews of the latest cameras and photography equipment. Its forums are a bustling hub where photographers can exchange ideas, advice, and experiences.


digital camera world

Digital Camera World is the ultimate resource for digital photography news, reviews, tips, and tutorials. Catering to photographers of all levels, this site is packed with guides on everything from beginner techniques to advanced photography gear.



The Spruce Crafts offers a dedicated photography section that is an excellent resource for photographers looking to explore the crafty and artistic side of photography.



500px is a global online photography community known for its high-quality portfolio hosting and inspirational galleries. It's the perfect place to showcase your work, discover beautiful images, and connect with fellow photographers worldwide.



Behance, owned by Adobe, is another excellent platform for photographers to showcase their work. It allows you to create a professional-looking portfolio and connect with a global community of creative professionals.


amazon From the latest cameras to vintage lenses, tripods, and lighting equipment, Amazon is a one-stop-shop for all your photography needs. With user reviews and competitive pricing, it's great for making the right purchasing decision.




The Photo Argus is a blog featuring inspiring photography collections, tips, and photographer features. It's a source of inspiration for photographers seeking creative ideas and insights into the works of fellow artists.



Photography Life provides detailed articles, news, and reviews on all things photography. Its educational material is invaluable for understanding the technical aspects of photography and enhancing shooting techniques.



Fstoppers is an online community for photography and videography professionals and enthusiasts. Featuring tutorials, industry news, and product reviews, it's a comprehensive resource for creative professionals seeking to expand their knowledge and skills.



The British Journal of Photography dives deep into the world of photography, offering insights into contemporary issues, showcasing emerging talents, and providing access to prestigious photography awards and competitions.



PetaPixel serves as a leading source of photography and imaging news. Its articles range from gear reviews to insightful commentary on the state of the photography industry, making it great to stay informed about the latest trends and discussions.



Udemy offers a wide range of photography courses for all levels. From the fundamentals of photography to advanced post-processing techniques, Udemy's courses are designed by professionals and enthusiasts alike, ensuring a diverse learning experience.



Skillshare focuses on creative education, making it a perfect place for photographers looking to explore their creativity. With classes on photography fundamentals, specific techniques, and creative inspiration, Skillshare fosters a community learning environment where feedback from fellow creators enriches the learning experience.



CreativeLive offers specifically curated photography courses taught by world-renowned professionals. Covering topics from lighting and composition to business and marketing for photographers, CreativeLive is ideal for those looking to seriously invest in their photography career or hobby.