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November 09, 2023

The best genealogy websites

Genealogy research has become a fascinating journey for many as it's easier than ever to research your family tree online. Below we've listed our favorite websites for genealogy research that offer unique features and extensive databases to help you trace your lineage and create your familytree. (Find more genealogy websites here)


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Ancestry is the most well-known genealogy service, offering a vast collection of historical records, including census data, military records, and immigration logs. Its user-friendly interface and extensive DNA testing services make it a top choice. Users can build their family tree and connect with distant relatives through AncestryDNA, which provides a detailed ethnicity breakdown and potential family matches.



MyHeritage is a strong competitor in the genealogy space, known for its international reach and multilingual support. It offers a simple way to create family trees and search through billions of historical records. MyHeritage is particularly popular for its DNA testing service, which can help identify ethnic origins and find genetic matches with other users. Additionally, their Deep Nostalgia™ feature brings old family photos to life by animating the faces of ancestors.


Restaurant books Amazon’s extensive collection of genealogy books ranges from beginner guides to advanced texts on specific regions or aspects of genealogical research. These books can provide guidance on everything from deciphering old handwriting in documents to understanding DNA results.





FamilySearch has an impressive collection of historical records and resources. What sets FamilySearch apart is its vast network of physical locations—family history centers—where individuals can access genealogical resources and get assistance from experienced volunteers. It’s an excellent option for those who prefer in-person research support.



Findmypast specializes in UK and Irish records, making it the go-to service for those with British Isles ancestry. Users can also access newspaper archives and other special collections. Its detailed parish records and searchable databases of military and migration records make it invaluable for thorough genealogical work.



While 23andMe is primarily known for its health-related genetic testing, it also offers genealogical features through its Ancestry + Traits Service. This service provides insights into how DNA influences your traits and connects you with relatives based on shared DNA. For those interested in both their health history and family lineage, 23andMe presents a unique dual offering.