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March 3, 2022 (Last update: March 9, 2022)

Buying Outdoor Shoes Online

We could argue that footwear is the most important piece of outdoor equipment you need, and many enthusiasts would agree. Hikers, climbers, bikers, skiers, kayakers, anglers, campers, and others who enjoy the outdoors need the right gear to protect them in nature. Nature can be rough on the feet, so keeping your feet protected, supported, and comfortable will help you indulge in your passion for the great outdoors.

Every foot is different, so choosing the right shoes for your feet and your particular sport is crucial. Whether you just need a decent pair of boots for hiking in moderate weather or are looking for comfort in extreme cold or heat, you can search for just what you need online. The top priority of any good sportsperson is to have the proper footwear for their sport. We have some sites to help you get oriented to what is available and then to search for the right gear to keep your feet in tip-top shape while you have the adventures of your dreams.


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Outdoor Shoe




Outdoor Shoes Guides and Reviews

Time outside is lovely, but when you’re not on the trail or the lake, it’s nice to be able to read about your hobby. Many outdoor blogs and publications will have great articles to help you dream about your next escapade. Still, some also give great advice about gear, especially the all-important shoes. So, check out some of our favorite places to brush up on what is new in outdoor footwear so you can pick the right shoes for your next pursuit.



Not only does CleverHiker have hiking shoe guides, but they can point you towards boots, trail running shoes, hiking sandals, rain boots, and winter boots. In addition, they have separate guides for men’s and women’s footwear, with regularly updated recommendations in each category. We especially love that they have suggestions further broken down into features that you may seek, like best for wide feet, supportive insoles, budget shoppers, and more.




OutdoorGearLab has recommendations for many footwear categories, including hiking boots and shoes, winter boots, barefoot shoes, skateboarding shoes, insoles, sandals, biking, climbing, and more. Their reviews come with handy pro and con charts and give you detailed results from their testers. For a wide range of outdoor sports, find some excellent guidance on your footwear choices here.



The advice from Switchback Travel covers hiking, skiing, climbing, biking, and winter footgear. Along with detailed reviews of a full range of shoes for each category they cover, you can find their top picks for specific metrics like lightweight, budget, and more. Because they have such extensive reviews, you can likely find a good bit of helpful opinion on almost any shoe you are thinking about buying.



AmazonYou can always find suitable options on Amazon, and outdoor shoes are certainly one item with plentiful offerings. From bike and hike shoes to sneakers of all kinds, Amazon lets you search for any type of footwear. In addition, many models have reasonable sale prices on the site, so you might just find a deal!



The Best Online Stores For Walking and Outdoor Shoes

Not all of us engage in sports for our exercise, but walking and enjoying the outdoors is the best exercise for young and old. If you need to outfit your feet for the great outdoors, look at the collection of online stores we have gathered here. For more detail on shoes, let’s look at a few specific shops below.



Outdoor sports are the mainstays of what REI carries, and you can get your basic walking shoes here, but also find rock climbing, cycling, skiing, and water shoes here too. They have the best gear for all outdoor pursuits, and you can find good sales here from time to time as well.



A good store for the outdoor adventurer overall, Moosejaw carries footwear for hiking, winter sports, climbing, cycling, and more. But they have a terrific selection of hiking and walking shoes in both rugged and fashion-forward styles. While you can find your Salomon winter hiking boots here, you can also get street styles like waterproof Sorel wedge booties.




Great prices are what you will find on Sierra, and they have a good, though somewhat variable, collection of hiking and walking shoes. Of course, because they offer exceptional prices, you will see overstocks and last year’s models, but hey, your feet don’t know they’re not wearing the latest colors or styles, right? So get it for less on Sierra, and everyone is happy.



Cabela's can get your feet ready for a walk without lightening your wallet too much. They have affordable outdoor picks for people who are not as picky about the brand but seek good solid shoes. Their collection for outdoors and walking is very good, but many styles will be in faux leather.




The Best Outdoor Shoe Brands

While many sneaker and boot brands make good outdoor shoes, some companies specialize in a range of styles for outdoor sports. These companies have dedicated years of research to engineering shoes that are rugged, waterproof, appropriate weight to the sport, protective, and have a suitable sole for the intended use. For example, some applications need a maximally non-slip sole, and others need spikes. In contrast, others need to allow less friction against natural surfaces. Outdoor specialists from these brands rigorously test their products. As a result, they can give you a terrific shoe adapted to your outdoor lifestyle.




Salomon shoes have an excellent reputation for a reason: outdoor enthusiasts consistently rank them as high-quality, durable, and comfortable. They carry options for men, women, and children for hiking, trail running, water sports, skiing, and summer or winter fun. We love their beautiful color combinations and their more classic, subdued hues.




Merrell shoes are known for comfort and durability, and they often bridge the gap between walking or hiking shoes and styles that you feel comfortable wearing to a casual office. Lovely and innovative styles meet with supportive and walkable soles to make Merrell shoes essential in many footwear wardrobes.




Comfortable footbeds, slip-resistant soles, and protective toes are hallmarks of Keen shoes, sandals, and boots. They carry designs for the whole family for a range of outdoor activities or just casual wear. This trustworthy brand is an especially great place to find closed-toed sandals for the kids.




Columbia is well-known for its quality outdoor apparel for the whole family. With their reasonable pricing and range of footwear, they may become your next go-to brand for waterproof shoes, hiking boots, or sandals for outdoor adventures.



Customers have long trusted L.L. Bean for sturdy clothing, shoes, and gear for the outdoorsy set. Their iconic “Bean boots,” their own duck boots made in Maine, where the company is based, are a strong contender for waterproof comfort. They also have hiking footwear, water shoes, sandals, and slippers that you might just wear around the campsite.



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