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February 23, 2022 (Last update: March 2, 2022)

Buying Baby Shoes & Booties Online

Outfitting babies and toddlers can be one of the most fun parts for tired parents. So, if you want to buy baby shoes, explore our favorite websites in this guide. If you are looking to surprise your favorite new grandchild, niece, nephew, or friend of the family, then we have many great options to find a fabulous pair to give to the babes and their parents. Cute shoes can bring a smile to everyone’s face and add to the over-the-top cute factor for admirers to coo over.


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Inspiration, Ideas & Buying Guides

Getting shoes for little ones can be fun, and if you want some ideas, here are some great places to look. While looks may be important, the fit and support become central when baby starts to take those first, wobbly steps. Check out the styles and advice from these trusted sources:




For some inspirational fashion looks, Pinterest has a ton. You can see the whole outfit and check out what those little tykes have on their feet. Some classic looks, but also higher fashion for the barely-walking set.




What To Expect has some great advice on choosing baby shoes, plus ratings with good descriptions of their favorite picks. Even if you don’t go with one of their choices, you will get loads of information about what to look for.




The Bump also has a guide to how to fit and choose good baby shoes, as well as picks to buy. Their recommendations include some classic, comfortable, but very reputable brands that would work for any fashion-conscious tyke.



Amazon BasicsAmazon is always a great place to shop for both name brands and lesser-known brands with versions of the fashion shoes you want to put on your kid. Lots of choices to keep your baby looking like a rock star without breaking the bank.




The Best Stores for Baby Shoes and Booties

Often, the best place to shop for baby shoes is a store that carries everything for infants. Check out our overview of the most popular baby stores to shop for cribs, onesies, and bottles. Find our favorite online shopping sites for baby shoes below.




Target is a go-to online shop for affordable and practical kids’ everything, including baby shoes. Their baby selections online are more extensive than you will find in any store, so you can take your pick of cute booties for the little kickers here.



If you crave a bit more cache in your baby shoes, get some brand name splash at Nordstrom. Your little one can wear non-walking versions of your favorite styles, so you can go out in matching Chuck Taylors or Nikes.


Children's Place

Children's Place is a good place to shop for inexpensive footwear for the tiniest family members. Nothing too fancy, but cute and classic is really all you need.



Janie and Jack

High-quality classic shoes are what you find on Janie and Jack. We especially admire their baby booties, loafers, and flowered sandals for the smallest kids.




Maisonette carries baby and toddler shoes with a European flair. They have leather, canvas, and water-resistant shoes that look cushy and protective. Their T-strap Mary Janes in canvas come in a range of colors, and they have many sneaker styles to choose from too.




Boden carries lovely leather T-straps or dino rain boots for babies, but their selection for larger kids includes many toddler-sized styles. Think sandals, sneakers, boots, slippers, and more. Classic British designs that make any kid a properly shod fashion plate.


TipYelpIf you want to go into the store to find baby and toddler shoes, use Yelp to find the best stores near you for baby gear of all types. Most good baby stores will have some nice choices, plus you can see what the sizes look like to get a better fit for the child’s feet.




If you want your little darling to accompany you on the red carpet or at the charity ball, head over to My Theresa for some serious designer looks for the tiny feet. They have runway styles and high-fashion name brands but don’t expect to find many pairs for under $100. Spendy, but seriously trendy.




Etsy is the place for handmade and crafty booties for your baby. If you don’t have the time or talent to make it yourself, choose from a range of artists who make knitted, crocheted, leather, and fabric booties in simple, cute, sporty, or animal designs.



Tip  Bootie Crochet Patterns

For those with a crafty side, you can make baby booties easily. Check out this article at The Spruce Crafts for adorable options for your crocheting pleasure. Check out the kimono and dinosaur patterns for some extra flair.



The Best Baby Shoe Brands

Certain brands have many good options for your little one’s feet. Whether you like the brand yourself, or it is one exclusively for the kids, once you find some shoes that work, you may go back year after year as your kids grow. So take a look at these quality brands for choices that can take you from baby to toddler and beyond.


UGG Baby

Comfort is the name of the game with Ugg’s, but they also have signature designs that both you and your baby will find warm and snuggly. Soft, fuzzy, furry fabrics make their booties hug the feet, but they also have cute furry slides.



There is nothing quite as adorable as a baby or toddler in Chuck Taylor’s from Converse. You may love the styles yourself, but add in the charm of a wee one, and these kicks will make the public swoon over your little one. So many colors and prints to choose from, but the classic black and white are always a hit.



Stride Rite

Stride Rite is a shoemaker just for the kids, so you know they have lovely choices for the smallest of children. While sneakers in all shapes, sizes, and colors are a specialty, they also have walkable sandals, T-straps, boots, and dress shoes. So for everyday shoes or that fancy occasion, Stride Rite is bound to have some perfect choices for your needs.




While Carter’s is well known for baby and kid’s clothing, they also make excellent and affordable shoes. Their patterned slip-on sneakers are winners, but they also carry good sandals, boots, and slippers.




See Kai Run is a high-quality but reasonably priced option for baby shoes. Not only are there many colorful and imaginative styles, but the shoes are designed to be beneficial for your baby’s walking development. A go-to shop for comfort, style, and healthy growing feet.




For great moccasins and a great cause, TP Mocs is the place to go. These beautifully crafted and designed moccasins will be comfortable favorites for your baby, while the company employs people from various tribes to help them rise from poverty. You can even customize your pair by choosing fabrics and colors to suit your taste.




Pediped shoes follow the development of your child’s feet with a design engineered for each age and stage. Their comfortable shoes have grips on the bottom for fewer slips for new walkers. Excellent quality in neutral or bright colors to suit every taste.




Baby booties can be so fun to choose, and if you want the widest choice of fabrics on simple shoes for the youngest, try Clamfeet. They have stripes, polka dots, cheetah prints, florals, solids, and geometrics that come in organic cotton for breathable, natural comfort. They even have adult sizes for some Mommy & Me matching.




Robeez is an excellent specialty brand for tiny feet, with designs that please any need. From slippers in fun shapes to dress shoes or boots, you will find well-made footwear for babies here.




For some baby specialists, look no further than Zutano. Long known for their baby clothing in fun prints, they also make well-designed baby booties with snaps to stay on. Also, look for a range of colors in their warm, cotton-blend fleece.



EbayYou can’t go wrong when you need a wide range of choices for baby shoes—check eBay for a selection of new and used baby booties. If you seek high fashion at a discount, gently worn, used booties could fit the bill. Plus, many name brands of new shoes live here, many at good deals. The search functions make it easy to find just what you are looking for on eBay.




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