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September 4, 2021

Movie streaming


A clear guide to streaming services and online movies

You can quickly get lost in the large range of online streaming services. Moreover, the number of streaming services is growing every year. Also, it varies from platform to platform which movies are offered, so it may be useful to have an overview of all major movie streaming services. Below we will share some useful tips for watching movies on the Internet.

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► Find out where a movie is available

► Find the best rated movies

► The most popular movie streaming services

► Specialized movie streaming services

► The real thing


Find out where a movie is available



First, since not all movies can be seen on every streaming platform you can use the search engine Reelgood, which allows you to search with one search within all popular streaming services, so you can find exactly where a specific movie can be seen.


Find the best rated movies


IMDB   Rottentomatoes

Go to IMDB or RottenTomatoes for a quick review of movies and series. Both websites are very good if you want an idea of the general opinion on a particular film.


Roger Ebert is one of the largest, most complete websites for movie reviews. The movie reviewers are mostly reliable and professional critics, and their reviews are above all fair and well-written.

In addition, films are awarded with grades, between one and five stars, so you can easily and quickly get an idea of the verdict.


The most popular movie streaming services



Netflix is definitely the top streaming service with best content and capable apps.


Prime Video

Prime Video is part of the Prime subscription where you also have other benefits such as free delivery. With a Prime subscription you can watch a wide range of movies and TV series, including Amazon Originals, for about a few euros a month, which can be seen exclusively on Prime Video.



Hulu is best if you want to watch mostly popular movie titles.


Google Play Movies   YouTube Movies

Google offers two platforms where you can watch movies and series: Google Play Movies and YouTube Movies. Both apps and services work very easily and offer the possibility to rent or buy movies. The price depends on the chosen quality such as HD or SD quality. If you don't watch movies very often it can be more economical to rent or buy a movie separately instead of a monthly subscription.



HBOmax holds the rights to films from Warner Bros, New Line Cinema and Studio Ghibli. These films can be seen exclusively on HBOmax.


Disney Plus

Disney+ is the streaming service from Disney with films, series and documentaries from Disney. You pay a fixed monthly amount for which you also get access to the collection of Disney classics such as Star Wars and Frozen. Especially for families with children Disney+ is a must given the number of children's films from Disney.


Apple TV+

Apple TV+, like Disney+ and Netflix, is Apple's streaming service. Apple TV+ also offers so-called Apple Originals that cannot be seen with other streaming services. Often when you buy an Apple product, you get Apple TV+ for a year for free.


Specialized movie streaming services

In addition to the well-known and widely used movie streaming services, there are also several lesser-known streaming services that specialize in a particular area, such as documentaries or arthouse films. On CuriosityStream, for example, you can find many documentaries and the Criterion Channel lets you watch most of the films in the Criterion Collection.



Kanopy is a streaming platform for public libraries and universities that offers films and documentaries.



Mubi focuses on indie and foreign films. Mubi is available internationally and the offerings change frequently. The selection of films is international with modern and classic films from around the world.


Criterion Channel

The Criterion Channel video streaming service lets you watch most of the films in the Criterion Collection.


Curiosity Stream

CuriosityStream is a good streaming service that offers only factual documentaries with high-quality information, with thousands of documentaries on topics such as science, nature, history, technology and more.


The real thing



Also check out Amazon for movies and series on DVD or Blu-ray. Because, just sayin', buying a real physical DVD still has something extra.


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