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Watch and find movies online

There are several platforms where you can (legally) watch movies online. Unfortunately, it varies from platform to platform which movies are offered, so may be useful to have an overview of all major movie streaming services. Below we will share some useful tips for watching movies on the Internet.

Search and see where to watch movies online


First of all, since not all movies can be seen on every streaming platform you can use the searchengine Reelgood, which allows you to search with one search within all popular streaming services, so you can find exactly where a specific movie can be seen.

Find the best rated movies

IMDB  RottenTomatoes  Rogerebert

If you are still orienting yourself and looking for a good movie you can search IMDB.com of RottenTomatoes.com for top rated movies. You can also read extensive in-depth movie reviews at RogerEbert.com or check here for an overview the best websites for movie reviews and movie news.

The most popular movie streaming services

Netflix  Prime Video  Hulu

Google Play Movies  HBOmax  Redbox

These are the six most used movie streaming services. They all offer a wide range of the latest movies.

Specialized movie streaming services

Kanopy  Mubi 


In addition to the well-known and widely used movie streaming services, there are also a number of lesser-known streaming services that specialize in a particular area, such as documentaries or arthouse films. On CuriosityStream, for example, you can find many documentaries and the Criterion Channel lets you watch most of the films in the Criterion Collection.

For a complete overview of all movie streaming services check here.





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